The TAE40116 Upgrade: Pros and Cons of Face to Face Classes

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Published on Jul 26, 2019

The government’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is a new training qualification in Australia. This is usually taught and commonly taken through face to face instruction. This is one of the country’s most accredited and recognised courses, helping develop and improve the skills of workers across all industries. 


The TAE40116 upgrade replaced the old industry standard for VET trainers, the TAE40110, on July 1, 2019. The course is usually done on a face to face basis despite demands for TAE40116 online classes.


A lot of prospective students wonder why Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) usually offer the TAE40116 upgrade workshop courses on a face to face basis only and not online. While many RTOs are still developing other delivery methods for the course due to its relative newness, some training centres have successfully brought the training course online.


The problem in bringing the course online is that the TAE40116 upgrade has some requirements which will demand a hands-on approach. It will take RTOs some ingenuity to integrate these requirements into other delivery methods. This explains why only a few RTOs offer it online. The relative ease in designing and delivering the course on a face to face basis would thus make it the RTOs’ method of choice for the foreseeable future. 


Strict industry regulations compel most RTOs to offer TAE40116 on a face to face delivery only and further hampers them in designing other delivery modes. A few Cert IV TAE courses are now offered via other platforms besides face to face, but these are usually ‘Mixed’ or ‘Blended’ with TAE40116 face to face workshops classes.

There are distinct advantages and disadvantages of the face to face workshops classes compared to an online course.


Advantages are:


  • One would have ready access to candidates, participants, and live guidance from a trainer on face to face Cert IV TAE course. One could also learn from other learners in the course via interaction in class. There would also personal guidance from the trainer in real time, thus enhancing the learning sessions.
  • Face to face delivery is a more immersive experience since assessments and validations are delivered in an actual VET environment such as an RTO or other institutions for vocational education.


The disadvantages of the TAE40116 face to face workshop course are:


  • As a rule, it is more expensive since one would have to pay more for classroom or workshop venues, printouts, and other learning resources. These would be cheaper if provided in digital copies.
  • The Cert IV TAE face to face course is less time-flexible and convenient. This would be a burden for nine-to-five day job workers or those with other time-bound obligations as schedules would be conflicted. 
  • Travel time would be a problem as most RTOs are located in capital cities; those living in the suburbs may spend extra travel time to attend workshop classes.


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