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I just completed my Cert 4 in Training and Assessment with Success Training Academy Face to Face 5 day program and I can honestly say these guys are fantastic (I was a bit apprehensive at first with enrolling as I had been burnt by another company). I had Chris as my Instructor, the face to face workshop is for 5 days. It is a lot of information to process, so best to be prepared, watch the pre course work and have a browse through some of the course materials. When you do the 5 days face to face, Chris is basically preparing you for the correspondence part of your course, and also giving you a lot of handy teaching tips, plus some good humour and stories thrown in. For the correspondence part I had a lot of spare time on my hands so I managed to finish it in 3 months, but that was putting in 8 plus hours a day of study. For the most part I found the course very straight forward, but quite labour intensive, however there was some boring parts like any course. Support was always there, any emails and facebook group chats are answered straight away. There are some parts of the course that are a challenging too I am extremely pleased I chose STA face to face option, with the way I learn I don’t think I could have done it without some classroom time with Chris. (Please note, this is not a course that you rock up and you get certified, you do need to put in the effort). I would rate this course as 5 out of 5, from a very professional outfit. Thanks very much to the gang at STA.
– Sam K: Apr 2021
Very good experience, great educator and helping staff. Highly recommend success. Good information and easy to follow. Educator great with learning needs student also with much empathy, understanding and encouragement.
– Kylie F: Mar 2021
I had a wonderful experience on my TAE 40116 course. Marc Miles is an amazing trainer. I learnt a lot from him and now I know how a good trainer should be! The staff was very polite and friendly too.
– Aida N: Feb 2021
I have just completed my Cert IV in Training and Assessment with Success Training Academy (STA). I completed it all online. The materials that STA provide are very professional and explain everything in detail. I also received great support and feedback from Chris and Kelly along the way. Thank you for your help and assistance. I am very happy I chose to do my course with STA.
– Janus G: Feb 2021
They are fantastic.great team. No confusion and the best support around. I highly recommend this Training Organization.
– Garvity L: Feb 2021
Fantastic team, extremely helpful. Our Trainer Chris new his stuff and conveyed it to us in a way that was easy to understand.
– Aaron Z: Feb 2021
Fantastic training organisation. Chris was a awesome trainer I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Thank you for such Wonderful experience I am now updated with the karate credentials of training and assessment.
– Barbie C: Jan 2021
Chris presented the course amazingly, with great knowledge, enthusiasm and support. An intense extremely in-depth 5 days. Anyone who wants to fast-track their learning, be prepared to keep up! It was a lot of fun too (although I think our group was particularly awesome too). There were plenty of breaks (which the brain needs big time), a nice kitchenette for the necessary caffeine requirements and time to prepare for our first presentation. If you are a newbie to re-learning like me I would recommend attending this 5 day course over a zoom/online format. For a Certificate IV that allows you 12 months to finish I now understand after attending this 5 day intensive that I can finish it as quickly as I want! Yes! The only difficult aspect for me was exactly that, coming in fresh. The pre-course email was a little ambiguous. Some of the pre-course work doubled up in the post-course work, so this left me confused. An intro slide (or something in the preparation/information email) stating what we will cover each day, the meaning behind "Design" "Assessment" "Delivery" "Clusters" (what they mean for me in class and in home studies) and a break down of the week ahead would certainly help get 'newbie-head' in the right mindset/thought process for the first day of class. Perhaps a reminder of this when class starts Monday morning would be helpful too. The warm and friendly rapport from Kelly is amazing and she answered most if not all my questions. However, if that (FAQ type thing) was in an email that would be priceless. I felt there was a bit of 'to-and-fro' with the work we did in class, moving between clusters. At times it was difficult to keep up, I was often losing my place, misunderstanding what section we were in and why, and simply making sense of why we were doing the task in the first place was a struggle for me. However the idea of popping post-its in our folder for work to do at home was a fabulous idea. And the "planning time frame" Chris wrote on the white board on Thursday was absolute GOLD! It mapped out exactly what I had left to cover in my folder! I would've loved to have known this coming into the course. As I said, this 5 day intensive covers ALOT of material, so mapping this out for enrolled students BEFORE the first day would allay concerns, prepare for the week ahead and help them know exactly what work potentially can be completed in class. All in all I absolutely LOVED this experience! This is worth the time, the intensity and the friendships. Thank you Success Training Academy!!
– Mandi W: Dec 2020
From my initial contact with Kelly who answered all my questions and was patient and understanding. Success Training Academy are passionate and care about their students. I started the course with 5 days in the classroom however the online webinars were the best. I started from the beginning and just worked through them. Marc the trainer was extremely knowledgeable, approachable and available when you needed a question asked. I would recommend Success Training Academy to anyone considering undertaking the TAE course .. loved the special touch of pizza on our last classroom day too! Thankyou I’ve loved meeting you all and can’t wait to move into my new role training cabin crew.
– Tanya S: Dec 2020
Amazing week - yes don’t be fooled - it’s a lot of work, but by wed you start getting it - by Thursday it’s so clear. I went into the 5 day intensive fairly prepped and had studied and completed all the pre and some post. Keep reading and watching webs do everything in order. I was so intimidated to get this done that I didn’t stop for 3 weeks to complete - 2 weeks after work at home training and then class finished yesterday and I have only final 2.2 - 2.3 assessments to complete. I’m absolutely pumped and so keen to start new teaching job in hairdressing next Feb and thanks so much to Chris for all his help and patience what an amazing training! Can’t wait to see where this takes me.
– Chelsea H: Dec 2020
Chris was an excellent trainer for the Cert 4 TAE. The whole process was easy from start to finish. Lots of communication, all the resources you need to complete the course. Thanks Chris. And thanks Success Training Academy.
– Daniel P: Dec 2020
Thank you Success Training Academy, you got me through to the end. I was doing my TAE40116 with another RTO and about to give up on it as I found it just too hard. I wasn't really understanding what I was doing so I had a look on the internet for a little assistance. I stumbled across Success Training Academy and checked out a few of their Webinars, it was like someone turned on the switch. All of a sudden I understood what I was doing. Believe it or not, I did actually enjoy the learning process, because it made sense. I know for a fact if I hadn't found Success Training Academy I would have just quit. The fabulous Kelly in the office, you were a delight to speak to and so helpful, nothing was ever a bother, along with Chris the trainer, what a team. Thank you again Success Training Academy.
– JoAnne S: Feb 2021