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About Us

Thrive Enterprises Pty Ltd t/a Success Training Academy was born to fill a gap in the vocational training industry, to provide the best quality training resources and delivery methods available for a range of qualifications and industries. STA is not limited to just one provider, enabling us to provide training across a variety of fields. Our course materials, and partnering RTO’s, have been carefully selected to ensure that we are only offering course content that has been developed by RTO’s and writers who have the knowledge and expertise to back up their claims.

STA has chosen to source partnership arrangements with a range of RTO’s who have a solid reputation for their professionalism, service, experience and quality training products. Combined with our diligently vetted trainers, who are recruited based on their extensive experience as both trainers and experts in their industries. This means our students can be confident that they are receiving the best training and education in the industry they have chosen to enter.

WIth over 30 years combined experience in training and recruitment – not only does our management team ensure that we deliver the highest quality training for our students, it is our aim to provide a one-stop service by:

  1. Having one of our career advisors discuss your hopes and dreams for employment, so we can then give you our recommendation for training and upskilling.
  2. Enrolling you into your chosen course.
  3. Assisting you with resume-writing, interview skills, and the confidence you need in order to apply for that job

We believe that employment, and a sense of achievement, can change a person’s life – this is what give us, at STA, purpose in what we do.

Our Values

When discussing what we value most, both professionally and personally, our team, as a whole, came up with the following core values that we strive to always maintain. These are the values that we hire and fire by, the values that we expect from our management, our trainers, our administration team, and our students.

Respect: the process of honoring someone by exhibiting care, concern or consideration for their needs or feelings.

Integrity: to have integrity means to be honest, transparent, and to have strong moral principles. Doing what is right even when no one is watching.

Service before self: setting aside our own personal needs and interests, to focus more on supporting others.

Excellence in all we do: constantly striving to perform at our best in everything that we do, committing to the highest standards possible.

Our Mission

  • To deliver a service and value beyond our students’ expectations
  • To support our students in discovering their pathway to employment
  • Providing opportunities for people to grow, develop and gain a skill set to effectively function in their chosen career.
  • To define, deliver & maintain a positive culture of values, practices and beliefs shared by all our employees, which resonates through to our students and corporate clients
  • To embrace philanthropy as a core business practice, giving greater meaning and purpose to everything that we do
TAE40122 Cert IV in Training & Assessment

Cert IV in Training & Assessment


cert 4 training and assessment

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

TAE40116 - Release 1

certificate iv in training and assessment

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Upgrade


Certificate IV in Training & Assessment – Additional Workshops & Webinars


Success Training Services

Success Stories


See how our students have taken the ultimate step to advance their career

Based on 70 reviews
Shahad Minahi
Shahad Minahi
The best RTO ever!!! The team at RAM are very supportive and have the ability to deliver an outstanding level of service. Chris is an absolute legend he helped me so much, he has extensive knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm. Kelly is awesome her constant emails to check up on progress were truely appreciated and Marc is a great presenter and is honestly what each and every trainer should strive to be like, his videos were always full of useful tips, very entertaining and engaging. I had an amazing experience with RAM since the start of my course and whenever I needed help it was just a email or phone call away. Highly recommend
Chris Connors
Chris Connors
I had a great introduction to the TAE40116 with the 5-day workshop hosted by Chris. It was a small group and we all received personalised attention which was highly beneficial in setting us up to complete the course. I would definitely recommend Success Training Academy to anyone.
Shane J
Shane J
Super impressed with the service provided by this company. Their face to face training along with the post course work, back up and support, made the process very rewarding and have tge skills to move forward in my career. Thanks to Chris, Kelly and the team - great work. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Lance Chorneyko
Lance Chorneyko
I had an amazing experience with Success since my first minute. Kelly and James were amazing at getting me enrolled, and even personally delivered my supplies during a covid isolation (following all protocols). I had my online training with Chris who has a friendly and welcoming attitude, and is an expert in the TAE field and can explain any concepts with ease. Once I completed the online portion of the course, I felt they set me up for success (no pun intended), but if needed, help was just a email or phone call away. Highly recommend!
Debkala Shrees
Debkala Shrees
I have completed my TAE with Success Training Academy recently. The experience has been wonderful! Our trainer Chris was fantastic! He is very professional, full of knowledge and fun. We had to do online 5 days session instead of face to face because of Covid lockdown. I was very nervous before the session as I had never done it before. Chris made us very comfortable and absolutely nothing to worry about, we had a great time. I love the idea how they follow up and encourage the students to complete the projects post course. Whole team is a bunch of amazing people, Kelly and James were super supportive and very approachable!! Their 110% percent effort proves they really want their students to succeed. The course has some challenging parts as well, but if you followed the resources and guidelines they provide there is nothing to worry. They are extremely helpful, if you got stuck on something you can flick them an email or text. They have fortnightly live Q&A webinars on top of that. I feel so lucky I chose STA, would recommend STA 5/5. Thank you team STA.
richard mitchell
richard mitchell
Success Training Academy, has been very professional throughout my training providing support and updates, they also checked progress and made me feel like they cared where i was going how i was doing with the training never left me feeling like it was just here fill this out and we will look when we can. i firmly believe that without the support and encouragement i was provided with i wouldnt have finished it, so a big thankyou to all at the academy and a big shout out to kelly who made this possible thankyou again
Karl Gurnick
Karl Gurnick
Great course. Thorough and efficient. Chris is very helpful and always willing to make time to help. Kelly was also very helpful over the phone. Would recommend Success training to anyone looking at further study. cheers
Thank you Chris. Very patient and helpful. Teremayi
Lexy M-H
Lexy M-H
I have just completed my TAE40116. I cant recommend STA enough to complete this certificate. i had looked online at other companies, but got recommended by a friend and am very thankful!! Due to COVID-19, we had to do the full week course over zoom, however, this did not have any affect on the course at all. We met everyday, still had our support network and built a community with our instructor. I would like to personally thank Chris Jones who was my teacher for the zoom week, along with my 1st and 3rd presentation. In the last few months we were emailing often and he was always available to help & support me with my plethora of questions! Thanks so much Chris & STA for guiding me through this process and I'm so excited to use the knowledge I have gained on this journey 🙂