Taking on the TAE40116 Upgrade for TAE40110 Holders

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Published on Jul 23, 2019

The Vocational Education and Training sector, also known as the VET sector, is an Australian educational course that prepares persons to be integrated into the national workforce. They are trained on different skills that the industry would be looking to hire. This is one way for people to rise from poverty and find gainful employment. 


VET provides the skills to help people join the workforce for the first time, re-join the workforce after a break, update their skills in their chosen field or move into a different career.


For this reason, the government has authorised Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to deliver the necessary training to provide the industry with much-needed professionals.


Per the Australian Government’s Study in Australia website (2018), VET course fees range from AUD$4000 to $22,000 per year. Higher-level vocational courses, including vocational graduate certificates and diplomas, may have higher fees. Of course, course fees may vary widely depending on the course, institution and location chosen, and should always be confirmed from the particular RTO.


Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is such a training module in this regard, which is better known as the TAE40116. This module trains its students on assessment skills intended to mould them as trainers and assessors in their line of work. The course is comprehensive such that it is often in high demand. So when many people want to buy into the program, they ask a lot of questions.


Hereunder is a simple dossier on the TAE40116 upgrade.


From enrolment/start of training to completion of the course at RTOs, the program would take around three months. Intervening events such as personal commitments and unforeseen circumstances do happen. To compensate for these, RTOs allows each student twelve months to complete their training or to complete the course. If the student is not able to do so, they may have to re-enrol and take the course anew. 


The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment certificate course is delivered via face-to-face classes and online correspondence. Thus, it is best that the prospective student enrols at an easily accessible RTO and secure ready access to a functional computer and a reliable internet connection.


To be sure, it is not necessary to own a computer or having stable internet access. There are public connections such as in public libraries or internet cafes, which is acceptable. Computers and internet connections are only necessary to ensure that the student has the proper tools to complete their coursework and communicate with their trainers.


The TAE40116 is currently the standard training course for Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. However, some trainers and assessors were trained under different assessment courses (e.g. TAE40110) before the TAE40116.  Trainers and assessors could update to TAE40116 upgrade for a limited time. 


To be sure, current VET sector trainers and assessors with a TAE40110 certification have until July 1, 2019, to upgrade their training to the TAE40116 standard if they wish to continue working. After which, they would need to temporarily stop working and complet the upgrade course before they can continue.


For holders of the TAE40110, don’t wait any longer. Enrol today in the TAE40116 upgrade today.