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"I was very happy with my experience with Success Training Academy. Thank you to Chris who contextualised well for me and my experience. Success has provided support and accuracy in my deadline - I will recommend you. Thanks"
– Stewart C
"The service provided by the admin staff was excellent. Chris is very helpful and is great at making the course relevant to the student. Throughout the course I always felt supported by the trainer, I was able to obtain assistance and my learning needs were met. I was very happy with the training and support services provided by Success Training Academy and I would recommend this company to my friends, family and colleagues. The most thing I enjoyed about my experience with Success Training Academy was that is was made relevant to my previous experiences and working background."
– Ryan S
"Chris you were amazing! Exceeded expectations. Awesome knowledge and incomparable willingness to share all range of industry knowledge."
– Alisa
"During my time training for my class 1 Security Licence under Mr V it was an absolute pleasure being taught by some of his caliber. Not only was Mr V patient and concise as teacher in the classroom his real life experience in the military was invaluable to me. His time as a security officer gave him the ability to give us in sight knowledge in the security industry of what really happens. Being someone who struggles with reading and writing I have never come across a teacher who is as patient and considerate as Mr V. He would spend extra time with me even coming in on a Saturday to ensure I completed my course. Mr V was certainly everyone’s favourite he kept the course interesting, fun and relatable to real life scenarios. Would not hesitate in ever recommending Mr V he was truly born to teach."
— Brenden John McGill
"Chris is a brilliant (TAE) trainer - easy to understand, keeps things moving, keeps you interested."
— Genevieve
"Chris had a great depth of knowledge, very approachable, very professional. Interesting (TAE) course."
— Neal
"Chris has a world of knowledge and could answer any questions and gave examples to understand."
— Jackie
"Trainer support was fantastic and always readily available."
— Karen