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"Chris Jones is very helpful and genuine.  TAE was really interesting, reading the text takes time so need to get it done early, and underline as you go.  Training with Chris at Success Training has made me feel confident to work in the field and know where to find out more as I go along, you never stop learning, and that is the best experience.  Thank you Chris Jones."
– Steve
"Fantastic experience with Success. My trainer was great and took the time to explain anything that I didn’t quite understand. I would highly recommend"
– Christie
"The service provided here was fantastic, easy to talk too and able to explain things in a way that you are able to comprehend easily. assistance was provided every step of the way. I strongly recommend them and will certainly be signing up for any additional training i might require."
– Gilly
" The service that was provided was fantastic. My whole experience with the company was excellent. My trainer was so professional and extremely knowledgeable. I can not thank Success Training Academy enough for their help in upgrading my qualification."
– Kiera
"Experienced trainer made course Interesting lots of good first hand experience stories to validate training"
– John
"Well, It was the second school were I tried this course, on the first one I couldn’t finish it because didn’t have the support of my assessor, after a bad experience, I found this school and I didn’t expect to much honestly, I thought it was just a other pain on my *ss, finally In around one month I completed all my assessment and got my temporary certification, Im so happy and now I have my cert 4 in training and assessment. So happy 100% recommend it, im a second language English speaker and it works perfectly for me!"
– Fabro
"I am currently undertaking a ‘blended’ Cert IV in Training and Assessment with Success Training Academy. The week of ‘face to face’ tuition was run by Chris Jones in Cairns. This delivery method I find extremely effective. Chris is an exceptional trainer and goes above and beyond to assist students enrolled in this course. The structure of the course, level of support from staff and material provided makes this a sure fire way to reach your desired outcome. I would highly recommend Success Training Academy and thank you to Chris Jones personally:)"
– Zak
"Vittorio is a legend. Really enjoyed his class."
– Jayden
"Great training experience! Efficient easy to achieve learning with engaging trainer, highly recommend"
– Jen
"Reasonable an flexible approach to training much appreciated!"
– Karl
"I have recently completed my cert IV in training and assessment. Chris was fantastic in how he delivered the course and supported the students who need a little extra assistance"
– Melissa
"The trainer Chris Jones was equipped with knowledge and skills. He will definitely help you to understand all the topics and give you plenty of examples to clarify everything. The staff/admin were very friendly and accommodating. My whole experience with Success Training Academy was fantastic and full of learning, skill, knowledge and positive attitude. Thank you very much"
– Becky