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Published on Aug 9, 2019

If you are working in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Cairns areas, and you currently hold a TAE40110 Qualification, you need to upgrade to the new TAE40116 Training and Assessment qualification upgrade so you can continue to work as a trainer and assessor in the industry.


In the areas mentioned above, Success Training Academy (STA) offers the TAE40116 Training and Assessment qualification upgrade, in partnership with Healthy Business Training Academy (RTO #: 30831).


This Training and Assessment upgrade course and requirement was implemented beginning on 1 April 2019. Because of the large number of trainers requiring the gap training as well as the ensuing demand on RTO’s across Australia to provide the TAE40116 upgrade and issue certification, the deadline for this requirement was extended to 1 JULY 2019.


TAE40110 Qualification Upgrade Options at Success Training Academy (STA)


Full Upgrade (Blended plus 2-day workshop)

This course is for trainers and assessors who currently hold a TAE40110 and need to have the TAE40116 upgrade. This blended 2-day workshop consists of two days of face-to-face classes with Pre and Post course work. This includes the TAELLN411 unit assessment, task-based activities, short answer questions, and self-paced reading. The units covered in this full upgrade include:

  • TAELLN411
  • TAEASS502
  • TAEASS401 gap training
  • TAEASS403 gap training


For those already holding the TAELLN411 unit, they will be able to submit their Statement of Attainment/TAE40110 to get a Credit Transfer for this unit. The following documents are required for this:

  • Resume
  • TAE40110 Certificate
  • TAE40110 Transcript


Successful participants will obtain the new TAE40116 qualification.


Partial Upgrade (Blended plus 1-day workshop)

This option will not give anyone the full TAE40116 upgrade. However, this option will allow anyone to continue to work in a Trainer and Assessor role from July 2019 onwards. This blended 1-day partial upgrade workshop consists of a one-day face-to-face class with Pre and Post Course work. This includes the TAELLN411 (assuming one does not still have it), short answer questions, and creation of 1 assessment tool.


This partial upgrade is also offered by distance learning. However, this option is recommended only for those who are working in a training and assessing environment and cannot go on leave. The trainee must also be working under the supervision of a Diploma-qualified individual.


Units covered by this partial upgrade:

  • TAELLN411
  • TAEASS502


Upon completion of this partial upgrade, the trainee will receive a statement of attainment for the above 2 units, that must be used in conjunction with the superseded TAE40110 qualification.



This option will not give the trainee the full TAE40116 qualification. However, it will allow the trainee to work in a Trainer and Assessor role from July 2019 onwards, as long as they already hold the superseded TAE40110, including the TAELLN411 unit. For those who completed this LLN unit with their TAE40110 and only want to complete the TAEASS502 to use in partnership with their existing TAE40110, STA offers this unit as a 1-day workshop, or through distance learning. There will still be Pre and Post course assessment.


Successful participants will obtain a statement of attainment for the TAEASS502 unit.



Why Choose STA?

At Success Training Academy, the students are not simply just numbers nor faces on an ID. STA values service above self at its core, and excellence in all the services provided. The focus of all its trainers and assessors is to provide trainees with the highest quality training. Trainees can finish their courses and feel confident in their newly acquired skills and knowledge, and positive about their career potential, thanks to STA.


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