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"During my time training for my class 1 Security Licence under Mr V it was an absolute pleasure being taught by some of his caliber. Not only was Mr V patient and concise as teacher in the classroom his real life experience in the military was invaluable to me. His time as a security officer gave him the ability to give us in sight knowledge in the security industry of what really happens. Being someone who struggles with reading and writing I have never come across a teacher who is as patient and considerate as Mr V. He would spend extra time with me even coming in on a Saturday to ensure I completed my course. Mr V was certainly everyone’s favourite he kept the course interesting, fun and relatable to real life scenarios. Would not hesitate in ever recommending Mr V he was truly born to teach."
— Brenden John McGill
"Chris is a brilliant (TAE) trainer - easy to understand, keeps things moving, keeps you interested."
— Genevieve
"Chris had a great depth of knowledge, very approachable, very professional. Interesting (TAE) course."
— Neal
"Chris has a world of knowledge and could answer any questions and gave examples to understand."
— Jackie
"Trainer support was fantastic and always readily available."
— Karen