How to Get Started with the TAE40116 Upgrade Today

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Published on May 7, 2019

Are you a qualified trainer with the TAE40110 certification?


The TAE40116 has superseded the TAE40110 certification, and it’s been urged that all trainers and assessors currently operating with TAE40110 certification take on the TAE40116 upgrade. Initially set for an April 1, 2019 deadline, after which trainers and assessors still on the TAE40110 certification will find their certification lapsed, this deadline has been extended to July 1, 2019.


The extension gives trainers and assessors who still have yet to upgrade a chance to continue working in the VET sector, as well as allowing more time for trainers and assessors to take up the TAE40116 course training before the deadline arrives.


What is the TAE40116 upgrade, though? What are the competencies covered by the upgrade?


Let’s start at the beginning.


The TAE40110 was a required training course and certificate for persons looking to work as trainers or assessors in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. The TAE40110 covers several competencies necessary for a trainer or assessor to effectively perform their roles. However, the course competencies were restructured in 2015, which lead to the development of the TAE40116. Because the new course is more complicated and intensive compared to the TAE40110, it’s been strongly advised that certificate holders update to the later course.


It was in 2019 that upgrading to the TAE40116 became mandatory for trainers and assessors to continue training and assessing.


Covered by the full TAE40116 are the core competencies listed under the following codes: TAELLN411, TAEASS502, TAEASS401, and TAEASS403. The partial update, meanwhile, only covers the TAELLN411 and TAEASS502 competencies. It’s strongly encouraged that trainers and assessors planning on upgrading should take the full upgrade course for best practice.


The TAE40116 is also ideal training for persons working as assessors in professional settings. The course training develops the skills necessary to adequately assess individual competence and skill, which in turn guides course students to make educated decisions regarding the formulation and creation of assessment tools.


The training also teaches assessors methods and processes that can help better streamline their tasks. To wit, the course can be a great help to employees staffing the human resources department of their respective companies. The training can also be useful for managers looking to develop their resource management skills.


To attain the certification upgrade, TAE40110 holders need only contact their local Registered Training Organisations (also known as RTOs). Training companies like Success Training Academy offers quality training for TAE40116 (in partnership with HBTA, RTO #: 30831), as well as certificate training upgrades. Success Training Academy provides this training in-house, as well as at various training locations in Southport, Caboolture, Woolloongabba, and Cairns.


Where needed, Success Training Academy can also provide contextualised TAE40116 training on-site at a client’s request. A breakdown of the competency requirements may also be provided, if necessary. For more information on these processes, feel free to contact Success Training Academy through their website. Other means of contact are also listed on the site and are available for perusal.


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