Employability Skills of a Certificate 2 in Security Operations Holder

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Published on Mar 29, 2019

Employability skills are the transferable skills that are needed by a person to be “employable” or qualified for work. Aside from having an excellent technical understanding and subject knowledge on what the job is about, employers will want their future employees to have a specific set of skills. In the case of working as a crowd controller or unarmed security officer, which requires completing the Certificate 2 in Security Operations, the job entails several employability skills.


Have a look at the enterprise or industry prerequisites for holders of the certificate.




Being able to communicate clearly and effectively makes for a great controller of crowds and keeper of the peace. As well, individuals must be able to apply their literacy skills to the following:

  •         assess the workplace and take advantage of the information obtained
  •         understand and interpret fundamental legal, procedural, technical, as well as financial requirements
  •         read and record data
  •         process workplace documentation


Apart from using literacy skills, individuals must also apply their numeracy skills to record and organise as well as to carry out basic computations as accurately as possible. And where appropriate, they should take the initiative to ask help or questions for advice, verification, and clarification.


On top of that, following instructions and procedures – such as emergency procedures, manufacturer specifications, enterprise standards and codes of practice, occupational health and safety, and other regulatory and legal prerequisites – to a tee is a quality that is immensely valued as a security guard and crowd controller.




Working as a crowd controller or security guard requires the knowledge and understanding in applying the height, breadth, depth, position, and dimension to operational activities. They must be able to assess procedural prerequisites, legislation, and issues that concern their duties and activities at work. As well, the job requires managing and resolving conflicts by responding to security threats and risks, security alarms, hazardous items, situations wherein a person needs first aid, and other emergencies. Moreover, the ability to utilise basic problem-solving techniques and lawful defensive methods can help protect and save themselves and others.




Being in charge of security, individuals need a sense of teamwork to be able to relate to people who come from different cultural, social, and ethnic backgrounds, and people who are physically or mentally challenged. Forming these effective relationships aids in managing and resolving conflict. And when controllers and guards have an understanding between their roles and responsibilities, they can quickly assist their team members (such as with back-up) and, ultimately, work effectively as a member of the team. Also, working closely with a team makes getting feedback from team members, seeking specialist advice, and receiving support to improve one’s performance much more constructive.


Individuals who wish to become a qualified unarmed security officer or crowd controller will need to complete the Certificate 2 in Security Operations course, which is offered at Success Training Academy. They have partnered with the APS Training Group (RTO # 31588) to open classes in Clontarf in North Brisbane, Cairns, Southport on the Gold Coast, and Woolloongabba, Brisbane.