Certificate IV in Training and Assessment: Its Key Outcomes and Career Opportunities

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Published on Mar 22, 2019

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Certificate IV) aims to fulfil the present as well as future development needs of individual persons providing training and assessment services in the VET (vocational education and training) sector. With this, the course is suitable for people who are interested in delivering formal training in a structured training setting, like a private RTO (registered training organisation) or TAFE (technical and further education). Known for its course code TAE40116, the course is also for people who wish to offer on-the-job instruction in a workplace setting, like conducting one-to-one or face-to-face training to students. The qualification also fits individuals who deliver workplace evaluations and skill audits as well as staff mentoring and coaching.


Through the courses, students are expected to gain a wide range of skills and knowledge. Some of the key outcomes of the qualification are mentioned below:

  •         Interpret a unit of competency to develop assessment tools and learning programs.
  •         Create learning plans that support the effective imparting of knowledge and development of skills.
  •         Understand the relationship between competencies or standards and the necessary evidence to support one’s competency claim.
  •         Be more self-confident as a facilitator of learning and presenter.
  •         Identify how to best address and support students who have numeracy, literacy, and language challenges.
  •         Carry out more helpful methods of supporting enterprise learning.
  •         Take part in the assessment activities’ validation to promote growth and enhancement of assessment practice.


Certificate IV is the entry-level qualification for people who want to work in the VET sector. Trainers and teachers in TAFEs, as well as other RTOs, must have these qualifications, in addition to the qualification (or higher) that they wish to teach.


Before enrolling in the course, applicants must be able to exhibit vocational competency in their proposed assessing and teaching field by completing a vocational competency evaluation. This classification of competency is described as extensive industry experience and knowledge that may include – but not limited to – holding a relevant unit of competency.


Apart from completing the assessment, applicants must also be the following:

  •         18 years old or older
  •         Computer literate
  •         Proficient in the English language, with at least a Year 10 or equivalent skill level


Job positions associated with the course relate to the delivery of training and assessment within the VET.


Students who graduated in the program are employed by a variety of organisations, such as government departments, community organisations, large vocational education institutes, schools, and registered training organisations.


The possible roles and titles relevant to the qualification are:

  •         Lecturer
  •         Lead assessor or trainer
  •         Coach or mentor
  •         Workshop facilitator
  •         Vocational education teacher
  •         RTO assessor
  •         RTO trainer
  •         Corporate trainer
  •         Corporate assessor


In partnership with Healthy Business Training Academy (HBTA), RTO # 30831, Success Training Academy (STA) is currently offering the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in Mackay, Brisbane, Cairns, and on the Gold Coast. They specialise in providing high-quality training that ensures students they leave with confidence in their newly acquired knowledge and skills and feeling positive about their career potential. Moreover, STA offers the course in various delivery methods, including face-to-face, distance learning, and gap training.


For more information on course schedules and prices, go to SuccessTrainingAcademy.com.au.