Certificate 2 in Security Operations: Checking the New Photo ID Cards

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Published on May 10, 2019

Deciding on career options can be difficult. In most cases, choosing a career path depends on a person’s existing skills and what kind of certifications they may have that are related to their abilities. In line with this, obtaining the Certificate 2 in Security Operations can open up avenues for work in the security sector for those inclined towards such a career.


The Certificate 2 is a course that covers competencies that are required for the Unarmed Queensland Security licence. The coursework has a total of ten core competencies, with each one focused on a specific skill, for example, the CPPSEC2001A unit of competency trains students in effective communication that is also appropriate for the security industry. The CPPSEC2004B unit of competency, meanwhile, trains potential security personnel in appropriately responding to security risk situations.


In partnership with APS Training Group (RTO #31588), Success Training Academy provides training for the Certificate 2 in Woolloongabba, Brisbane; Southport in the Gold Coast; Clontarf in North Brisbane; and Cairns. With Success Training Academy, the Certificate 2 course also includes four crowd control competencies and one first aid competency. These competency classes are free of charge, which makes Success Training Academy’s Certificate 2 in Security course more than ideal for new security staff.


The Certificate 2 course includes training for recognising and differentiating between state-issued ID cards. This training is particularly important due to recent developments regarding current state-issued cards. One particular card, the Adult Proof of Age card, is being replaced by the Photo Identification Card, also known as the Photo ID Card.


As of April 1 2019, the Photo ID Card will supersede the Adult Proof of Age card in terms of prospective issuance. This means that the Adult Proof of Age card will be discontinued from production and be no longer issued within Queensland as a valid proof of identity.


There is a rationale behind this change. The Adult Proof of Age card can only be issued to Queenslanders who are eighteen years old or older; they must meet this requirement during the submission of evidence of identity when applying for the card. One problem that this presents is the lack of coverage for Queenslanders aged fifteen to seventeen years old, who may be required to show proof of identity for such purposes as international travel or bank account applications.


Driving licences have commonly covered this age bracket, but due to a growing trend of adolescents opting not to apply for licences for various legitimate reasons, an alternative was needed. The Photo ID Card was introduced as an option, with a lowered application age requirement from eighteen years old to fifteen years old to the date, compared to the Adult Proof of Age cards which require applicants to be at least eighteen years old on the time of application.


Adult Proof of Age cards that have already been issued will remain valid for as long as their expiry date has not yet lapsed. As well, the new Photo ID cards will be valid for ten years to the time of issuance, just like the Adult Proof of Age cards. The application requirements for the Photo ID card is the same as the requirements for the Adult Proof of Age cards, which should ensure that application processes will have a smooth transition.


For more information about this course, its units of competency, and course dates, visit the Success Training Academy website.