An Overview of the RMLV Certificate Training Course

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Published on May 14, 2019

There are many roles and jobs to be found in the liquor and gaming industry. One particular function of note is the role of the approved manager. This role is a sought-after role, as venues licenced to handle, sell, or serve alcohol are required to have an approved manager on site or reasonably available during hours of operation.


The role of an approved manager has particular prerequisites, however, and one such requirement is the RMLV certificate. Here’s a quick intro to the RMLV course when considering taking up the certification training.


How do I become an approved manager?

Becoming an approved manager for a licensed venue has the following requirements: one must be over eighteen years old, must not be the individual licensee, and must be a current holder of a valid RMLV certification.


Businesses that are run by a single person need not have an approved manager, but venues that are staffed by at least two persons should have an approved manager appointed. Generally speaking, the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) have the authority to order a venue to close or temporarily cease operations in the event that the venue is discovered to be running without an approved licensee or approved manager within the premises, or that the authorized licensee or approved manager has taken a leave of absence.


The OLGR may issue a fine of up to $11,000.00 for venues found to be operating without an approved licensee or approved manager.


What does the RMLV certificate stand for?

The RMLV stands for the Responsible Management of Licensed Venue. The training course and resulting certification are intended for those looking to apply as approved managers of licensed venues. The course educates students on the appropriate management of a venue licensed to handle, sell, and serve alcohol to patrons.


Training companies like Success Training Academy, in partnership with StudyMix (RTO #: 41562), deliver the course training in various locations all over Queensland.


How often are the courses conducted?

Various RTOs deliver the course training for RMLV in different ways. For example, some RTOs provide the course through face-to-face classes based on a fixed schedule, and at a fixed location. This setup is the traditional setting of delivery. There is also the online delivery of the course, which is less common, and the blended delivery, which provides face-to-face training that is aided by online sessions for supplementary material.


There are prescribed periods of completion for the course, as well. For example, at Success Training Academy, the course is expected to be completed in one day through face-to-face delivery at training locations within the Queensland State, plus some pre-course work.


How long will the RMLV Certification last for?

The RMLV certification needs to be renewed every three years. This prescribed period should not be confused with the validity period of the approved manager application, which has a validity period of five years.


The approved manager application should be submitted with all the requirements already met on the applicant’s end. There is also a fee of $510.20 upon application, as well as indexed annual fees that are payable every July 31st of the calendar year. Upon renewal of one’s status as an approved manager, the applicant must again pay the $510.20 fee. The indexed annual fees still apply for renewed applications.


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